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Which Brand of Frozen Coconut Milk Tastes Best?


I’m not trying to be an alarmist or anything, but THERE’S A GLOBAL SHORTAGE OF COCONUT! Really. I’m not kidding. Read about it here. We’re all doomed.

To survive the impending coconut Armageddon, I’m on a mission to identify the best tasting coconut products and horde them all for myself. [Insert evil cackle here.] Believe me: There ain’t gonna be no Thrive TVP crap in my survival kit.

The first coconut product up for consideration? Frozen coconut milk.

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted some packaged frozen coconut milk (no preservatives or BPA!) at the Kojima Store in Kapa’a. After a lazy afternoon in the pool, we chopped up the bag of milk and chomped on the creamy cubes. They were an amazing frozen treat — especially on a humid summer day.

Yes, I know that most folks don’t eat the stuff straight-up. Usually, frozen coconut milk is melted, cooked and/or blended into other foods. But if you’re craving a Paleo popsicle, this is pure awesomeness.

Okay. We’ve established that I love me some frozen coconut milk, but which brand is the best? If you don’t have easy access to pre-frozen coconut milk, can you just freeze the canned stuff and get the same results? Inquiring minds wanna know!

As a public service, this past weekend, I organized a blind taste test of preservative-free frozen coconut milk by assembling a crack team of five picky and opinionated adults: me, Fitbomb, R, HA and C. We also recruited a super-talented (and very fashionable) child taster, I:

Here are the four brands we tried:

Sample A: Anahaw Frozen Coconut Milk. This is the stuff that’s available at the local 99 Ranch store. It’s imported from the Philippines and priced at $2.99 for a 16-ounce package.

Sample B: Anahaw Frozen Grated Coconut. I know this isn’t technically frozen coconut milk, but hey: it’s frozen, and it’s coconut. Two out of three ain’t bad, so I threw it in as a wild card. (I’m CAH-RAY-ZAY like that.) It’s also available at 99 Ranch for $2.99 per pack.

Sample C: Hawaiian Sun Frozen Coconut Milk. Fresh from Hawaii! This is the same brand I tried while on Kauai. I had to do some digging, but found some locally. It’s not cheap: $4.99 for 12 ounces.

Sample D: Aroy-D Coconut Milk. I wanted to see how some home-frozen stuff would fare in our taste test, so I poured my favorite brand of shelf-stable coconut milk in a glass Tupperware and threw it in the freezer. This 33.8-ounce tetra pak of Aroy-D was cheap — about $3.75. I’m a little pissed, though, that Aroy-D no longer comes in the little 8.5-ounce containers I used to buy. Plus, the coconut milk in the enormous boxes just isn’t as creamy and rich; it tastes and looks watered-down. I certainly hope the coconut shortage isn’t prompting Aroy-D to dilute its coconut milk!

To prepare these different brands for my taste test, I chopped all the frozen coconut milk into one-inch cubes…

…and plopped them into bowls labeled A, B, C, and D:

See? Very scientific!

As palate-cleansers (yes, PALATE-CLEANSERS, because that’s how I roll), I put out some strawberries…

…and Bing cherries. 

This was a blind test. No one (except me) knew which brands were in the bowls. The panelists took their jobs seriously, taking copious notes as they carefully sampled the frozen cubes and sussed out their favorites. 

The seriousness didn’t last for long, though. Finally, I had to reprimand the panel for cracking up too much. PEOPLE! This is serious business!

So…what were the results of our taste test? (Drum roll, please!)

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